Top 12 Free Reading Apps You Should Know

Jul 7, 2024

Girl Listening to something while Reading- Free Reading Apps You Should Know

Arib Khan

Are you someone who immerses yourself in the world of books, craving new reads, yet struggles to find the time? Turn the tide with 12 free reading apps. Here, we'll introduce you to free book reading apps that can transform your smartphone or tablet into a portable library.

Looking for a more interactive reading experience? Justlisten's eBook to Audiobook Converter offers a solution that can help you explore 12 free reading apps.

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What are Free Reading Apps?

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Free reading apps are mobile applications that allow you to access and read ebooks and audiobooks without any upfront cost. They function as digital libraries, often featuring a curated selection of free titles alongside options to purchase additional books. Many apps connect you to your local library's digital collection, granting you access to a wealth of ebooks and audiobooks with a valid library card.

How Do Free Reading Apps Work?

Downloading the App

The first step is to download the chosen app from your device's app store (Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS). Most free apps require a quick registration process to create an account.

Browsing and Borrowing

Once registered, explore the app's library. Many offer filters to search by genre, author, or keyword. If borrowing from your local library, you must log in with your library card credentials.

Downloading or Streaming

Some apps allow you to download ebooks for offline reading, while others offer streaming options to save storage space. Depending on the app's functionality, audiobooks can be streamed or downloaded.

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Tips for a Great Audiobook Listening Experience

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  • Engage with the Story  

  • Multitasking, But Choose Wisely  

  • Utilize Chapter Markers and Bookmarks  

  • Take Breaks and Stay Hydrated  

  • Explore Audiobook Extras  

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Top 12 Free Reading Apps

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1. JustListen 

Justlisten converts ebooks into audiobooks in minutes. Upload your epub file and have an audiobook ready in minutes. Our team has built leading AI voice tools, so we have integrated AI voice technology to enable you to listen to audiobooks in essentially anyone’s voice! 

Try our eBook to Audiobook Converter for free today. Log in with Google or create an account, and you’ll be set to go within minutes. Turn your eBooks into Audiobooks with ease with JustListen.

2. Wattpad

A haven for aspiring writers and readers alike, Wattpad offers a unique platform to discover and share original stories. Many works are free to read, while some authors offer paid access to exclusive content.

3. Project Gutenberg

A treasure trove for classic literature lovers, Project Gutenberg, boasts a vast collection of ebooks in the public domain, completely free to download and read.

4. Aldiko

A versatile app supporting various ebook formats like EPUB, PDF, and more. Aldiko allows you to import your existing ebook library and offers a curated selection of free titles.

5. Moon+ Reader

This customizable app prioritizes a comfortable reading experience with adjustable fonts, themes, and night mode for low-light reading.

6. OverDrive

Like Libby, OverDrive connects you to your local library's digital collection, providing access to ebooks and audiobooks with a library card.

7. Goodreads

While not strictly a reading app, Goodreads is a fantastic companion tool for bookworms. Create a profile, track your reading progress, connect with friends, and discover new reads through recommendations and reviews.

8. Amazon Kindle (with Kindle Unlimited Free Trial)

While Kindle offers a vast library of purchased ebooks, it also provides a free trial for Kindle Unlimited, granting access to a rotating selection of ebooks and audiobooks for a limited period.

9.  Scribd (with Free Trial)

Like Kindle Unlimited, Scribd offers a subscription service with access to ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more. However, they also provide a free trial to explore a limited content selection.

10. FBReader

A lightweight and open-source app supporting numerous ebook formats. FBReader focuses on core reading functionality, offering a distraction-free experience for those who prioritize the text itself.

11. Epub Reader

A straightforward app specifically designed for reading ebooks in the EPUB format. Epub Reader offers basic customization options to personalize your reading experience.

12. Marvin 3 Reader

This app caters to both casual and advanced readers. Marvin 3 Reader supports various ebook formats, offers text-to-speech conversion for audiobooks, and allows extensive customization.

Audiobook Resources for Readers

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Online Bookstores with Free Content

Many online bookstores offer free ebook samples, which are great for readers looking to explore new genres or authors without making a financial commitment. Amazon and Barnes & Noble also provide free classic literature collections and short stories on their websites, which can be excellent resources for audiobook enthusiasts. 

Free Online Magazines and Journals

Various websites offer free access to online magazines and academic journals in different genres and subjects. This gives readers an excellent opportunity to stay informed, explore niche interests, and explore new topics. 

Book Review Websites and Blogs

Book review websites and blogs can be invaluable tools for discovering new reads. Finding different reviewer perspectives and recommendations allows you to explore a wider range of titles that may catch your interest. This can be especially useful for audiobook lovers looking for exciting new content.

Public Library Resources

Public libraries are vital resources for readers looking for audiobooks beyond traditional means like Amazon and Audible. Libraries offer many free resources, including ebooks, audiobooks, book clubs, author talks, and writing workshops. They also foster a vibrant literary community, making them excellent resources for audiobook enthusiasts.

Choosing the Perfect Free Reading App for You

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Content Selection

When considering which free reading app is right for you, the first thing to consider is the content selection they offer. Are you a fan of classic literature, or are you more into contemporary genre fiction? Maybe you prefer a mix of both, or perhaps you're looking for a platform that includes audiobooks. Before deciding, dive into the app's library and see if it aligns with your literary tastes.


Different readers have different needs when it comes to their reading apps. Do you need the ability to read offline? Are you looking for text-to-speech functionality? Do you want extensive customization options for your reading experience? These are all vital aspects to consider when choosing a free reading app. Some apps offer more features than others, so take the time to explore your options.

Device Compatibility

Another essential factor is whether the app is compatible with your device's operating system. Check whether the app is available for Android, iOS, or both. After all, you want to ensure you can access your reading material on the go, no matter your device.

Library Integration

If you frequently borrow books from your local library's digital collection, it's worth looking for a free reading app that seamlessly integrates. This way, you can keep all your reading materials in one place without juggling multiple accounts and libraries. 

Considering these factors, you can find the perfect free reading app tailored to your needs and preferences. Happy reading!

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Enhancing Your Reading Experience with Free Apps

Free reading apps offer many features to personalize and enhance your reading experience. Here are some ways to make the most of them:


Take advantage of adjustable font sizes, background colors, and night mode to create a comfortable reading environment for your eyes. Whether you prefer a larger font size for easier reading or a dark background for reduced eye strain, these customization options allow you to tailor your reading experience to your preferences.

Note Taking and Highlighting

Many apps allow you to highlight passages, take notes, and create bookmarks. This can be particularly helpful for studying, referencing key points, and reflecting on the story you are reading. Using these features, you can easily revisit important passages or jot down your thoughts for future reference.

Community Features

Some apps offer social features like book clubs and discussion forums. These can be a great way to connect with other readers, share your thoughts on books, and discover new recommendations. Engaging with a community of like-minded readers can enhance your reading experience by providing a platform to discuss your favorite books, exchange recommendations, and gain insights into different perspectives on the same story.

Sync Your Progress

Most apps allow you to sync your reading progress across different devices. This means you can seamlessly switch between reading on your phone, tablet, or computer without losing your place. By syncing your progress, you can pick up where you left off regardless of your device, ensuring a continuous reading experience across all your gadgets.

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Cutting-Edge AI Voice Technology

One of JustListen's most exciting features is the integration of leading AI voice tools. These tools allow you to listen to audiobooks in essentially anyone's voice. This innovative technology takes your reading experience to the next level by providing a customizable experience.

Effortless Conversion Process

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