How to Listen to Audiobooks and 10 Apps to Use

Jun 21, 2024

woman checking out a book - How to Listen to Audiobooks

Arib Khan

Are you struggling to find the time to sit down and read a book but still want to enjoy your favorite stories? Learning how to listen to audiobooks using your favorite book reading apps can help you dive into new worlds and stories while on the go or relaxing at home. 

In this guide, we will explore 10 top book-reading apps that allow you to listen to audiobooks, giving you the freedom to enjoy your favorite reads anytime, anywhere.

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The Growing Popularity of Audiobooks

person listening to a new audiobook - How to Listen to Audiobooks

Audiobooks have become increasingly popular in recent years. They provide a convenient and accessible way for people to enjoy literature while multitasking, commuting, exercising, or engaging in other activities. This format caters to busy individuals who may not have the time to sit down and read a physical book. 

Moreover, audiobooks offer a fantastic listening experience for those with visual impairments, allowing them to enjoy books without limitations. The rise of audiobooks is also reflected in the market, with the global audiobook market projected to reach $16.6 billion by 2027, demonstrating significant growth in listener adoption.

Cross-Device Flexibility

Audiobooks' surge in popularity is largely due to their convenience across multiple devices and platforms. Many popular services allow seamless switching between devices, enabling listeners to pick up where they left off. 

This flexibility and mobility make audiobooks a practical and enjoyable choice for individuals on the go. The ease of access to these platforms has made audiobooks an attractive option for many seeking a convenient way to consume literature in today's busy world.

Enhanced Narration and Production Quality

The increasing quality of narrators and production values has also propelled the popularity of audiobooks. Many are narrated by renowned voice actors or authors whose engaging performances bring stories to life.

Enhanced production quality, including sound effects and music, further enriches the storytelling experience. These elements create an immersive and enjoyable listening experience for audiobook enthusiasts.

Affordable Subscription Services

The rise of subscription-based services offering a vast library of titles at an affordable price has also contributed to the popularity of audiobooks. Platforms like Audible and Scribd provide listeners with a wide range of audiobooks for a monthly fee, making it cost-effective and convenient to explore new titles and genres. 

This accessibility and affordability have encouraged more people to try audiobooks, increasing their popularity.

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How to Listen to Audiobooks

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Find a Quiet Listening Environment

To maximize your listening experience, create a quiet space to enjoy audiobooks. Background noise can be a significant distraction, hindering your focus and comprehension. Using noise-canceling headphones in noisy environments can also help you fully immerse yourself in the audiobook.

Minimize Distractions

Minimizing distractions is key to fully engaging with audiobooks. Put your phone on silent, close unnecessary tabs on your computer, and avoid multitasking while listening. Immersing yourself in the audiobook can enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the content.

Utilize Playback Features

Most audiobook apps offer playback features like speed control, bookmarks, and sleep timers. Experiment with these features to find a listening pace that suits you. Utilize bookmarks to mark your stopping point and easily resume listening later. Sleep timers are handy for setting a specific duration for playback before the app automatically stops, preventing battery drain throughout the night.

Take Breaks

Listening to audiobooks for long periods can lead to fatigue. Schedule short breaks to avoid burnout and maintain focus throughout the audiobook. Giving yourself time to rest between listening sessions can help you stay engaged and refreshed.

Engage with the Story

Actively listen to the audiobook, visualizing scenes and characters in your mind. Taking notes on essential points or revisiting confusing sections using chapter navigation features can enhance your understanding of the content. Engaging with the story can make your listening experience more enjoyable and immersive.

Explore Different Narrators

If you are not enjoying a particular narrator, don't hesitate to try samples from other narrators before committing to an audiobook. The narrator's voice is crucial to the listening experience, so finding one that resonates with you is essential. Exploring different narrators can help you find the perfect match for your audiobook preferences.

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Choosing the Right Audiobook

person choosing a good book - How to Listen to Audiobooks

Genre Preferences

Your genre preferences are crucial when selecting an audiobook. Are you ready for a spine-chilling mystery or a fascinating historical biography? Knowing your favorite genres will guide you in choosing the perfect audiobook. If you're feeling adventurous, you can explore new genres by browsing audiobook recommendations categorized by genre.

The Narrator's Voice

The narrator's voice can make or break an audiobook. Consider factors like narration pace, vocal variety, and performance style when considering the narrator. Do you prefer a fast-paced narrator or a slow and deliberate pace? Does the narrator bring characters to life with unique voices and accents, or do they keep a monotone delivery? Listening to audiobook samples can help you find the ideal narrator before committing to a purchase.

Matching Length to Listening Habits

Audiobook lengths vary, so it's essential to consider your listening habits. Short audiobooks (under 10 hours) are perfect for quick commutes or errands. Mid-length audiobooks (10-20 hours) are great for longer commutes or workouts. Long audiobooks (over 20 hours) are ideal for vacations, road trips, or extended listening sessions.

Leveraging Reviews and Recommendations

Don't underestimate the power of reviews and recommendations from other listeners. Reviewing audiobook platforms or online retailers can give you insights into the story and the narrator's performance. Additionally, explore audiobook recommendation websites or online communities dedicated to audiobooks for curated lists and user-generated recommendations based on genre, narrator, and listener preferences.

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Essential Features of an Audiobook App

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1. Playback Speed Control: Finding Your Perfect Pace

Not everyone absorbs information at the same speed. Playback speed control allows you to adjust the narration to your preference. Do you find yourself constantly rewinding because the narrator speaks too quickly?

Conversely, if the narrator feels like they're dragging, slow down the pace for a more comfortable listening experience. This feature allows you to tailor the audiobook to your personal listening style, ensuring you grasp the story without feeling rushed or bored.

2. Sleep Timers: Lulling You to Sleep with Peace of Mind

Many audiobook enthusiasts love drifting off to sleep with a captivating story playing in the background. Sleep timers come to the rescue here. Simply set a timer for a specific duration, and the audiobook will automatically shut off afterward. This eliminates the worry of your device draining battery overnight or the audiobook playing long after falling asleep.

3. Bookmarks: Never Lose Your Place Again

Imagine getting engrossed in a story, only to be interrupted and forgetting exactly where you left off. Bookmarks are your saving grace in the digital audiobook world. With a simple tap, you can mark your stopping point, allowing you to resume listening later seamlessly. No more struggling to remember that pivotal plot point you were just about to hear!

4. Chapter Navigation: Jumping Ahead or Revisiting Favorites

Audiobooks can be lengthy; sometimes, you might want to jump to a specific chapter or revisit a favorite section. Chapter Navigation allows you to do just that.  Imagine listening to a historical audiobook and wanting to hear a specific speech again. 

Chapter Navigation lets you find and listen to that exact section with ease. This feature is also helpful for referencing specific information within the audiobook, making it a valuable tool for educational or informational listening.

Different Ways to Access Audiobooks

woman looking at ways on How to Listen to Audiobooks

When it comes to listening to audiobooks, there are various methods you can explore to access your favorite titles. Let's delve into different ways of obtaining audiobooks, such as purchasing individual titles, subscribing to audiobook services, and borrowing from libraries.

Purchasing Individual Titles

One of the most straightforward ways to acquire audiobooks is by purchasing individual titles. You can buy audiobooks from online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo or directly from audiobook publishers. 

This method offers you ownership of the audiobook file, allowing you to listen to it whenever you want without any restrictions. When you purchase an audiobook, you can download and store it on your preferred device for easy access. If you're a fan of a particular author or series, buying individual audiobooks can be a rewarding way to build your personal library.

Subscribing to Audiobook Services

Another convenient way to access a vast library of audiobooks is by subscribing to audiobook services. Platforms like Audible, Scribd, and offer subscription models that allow you to listen to as many audiobooks as you want for a monthly fee. 

These services provide a wide range of titles across various genres, letting you explore new audiobooks without committing to purchasing each one. Additionally, many audiobook subscription services offer extra benefits, such as exclusive content or credits that you can use to buy audiobooks to keep permanently.

Borrowing from Libraries (Physical or Digital Collections)

If you prefer a cost-effective way to listen to audiobooks, borrowing them from libraries is an excellent option. Many libraries offer audiobooks in their physical collections, allowing you to borrow CDs or cassette tapes of your favorite titles. 

In the digital age, libraries use lending platforms like OverDrive or Libby to provide audiobooks for their patrons. By leveraging your library card, you can access various audiobooks in various genres without spending any money. This method is ideal for individuals who prefer to listen to audiobooks without accumulating a large collection or want to explore different titles without financial commitments.

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10 Top Audiobook Apps

man using a new app - How to Listen to Audiobooks

1. JustListen 

JustListen converts books into audiobooks in minutes. Just upload your epub file and have an audiobook ready in minutes. Our team has built leading AI voice tools, so we have integrated AI voice technology to enable you to listen to audiobooks in essentially anyone’s voice! 

2. Libby (Free with Library Card)

Borrow audiobooks directly from your local library's digital collection with Libby. This free app seamlessly integrates with your library system, allowing you to easily browse, borrow, and listen to audiobooks. Libby is a perfect solution for library patrons who want a convenient way to access audiobooks without breaking the bank.

3. Spotify (Free with Premium Subscription or Paid Subscription)

While primarily known for music and podcasts, Spotify is quietly building a growing selection of audiobooks. If you're already a Spotify Premium subscriber or considering a paid subscription, you'll gain access to audiobooks alongside your favorite music and podcasts. 

This can be a great option for those who enjoy the Spotify ecosystem and want audiobook access within the same app (availability may vary by region).

4. Google Play Books (Paid or Free with In-App Purchases)

Part of the Google ecosystem, Google Play Books offers audiobooks alongside ebooks, allowing you to manage both types of content in one place. This app integrates seamlessly with other Google services, making it a good choice for those who use Google products and want a unified platform for their digital library.

5. Smart Audiobook Player (Paid with Free Trial)

Looking for an app specifically designed for audiobooks? Look no further than Smart Audiobook Player. Packed with features like sleep timers, variable playback speed, chapter navigation, and more, Smart Audiobook Player prioritizes a dedicated and feature-rich audiobook experience.

6. OverDrive (Free with Library Card)

Similar to Libby, OverDrive allows borrowing audiobooks from your local library. This app might be the preferred platform for libraries using OverDrive for digital lending.

7. Scribd (Paid Subscription)

Think of Scribd as an all-you-can-eat buffet for digital content.  You'll gain access to a vast library of audiobooks alongside ebooks, magazines, and other content for a monthly subscription fee. Scribd is ideal for users who enjoy diverse digital content beyond just audiobooks.

8. (Paid Subscription) offers a unique twist on audiobooks: supporting independent bookstores! With a paid subscription, you'll receive credits to "purchase" audiobooks and gain unlimited access to their library. This is a great option for those who want to enjoy audiobooks while supporting independent bookstores.

9. Downpour (Paid or Free with In-App Purchases)

Downpour boasts a wide selection of audiobooks, allowing you to purchase titles for ownership and integrate them with multiple devices. Whether you prioritize a large library or flexible purchasing options, Downpour offers a compelling solution.

10. Kobo Books (Paid or Free with In-App Purchases)

Kobo users rejoice! Kobo Books offers audiobooks alongside ebooks, seamlessly integrating with the Kobo eReader ecosystem. This app is ideal for those who use Kobo devices and want a unified platform for managing ebooks and audiobooks.

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Unlocking the Potential of Audiobooks with JustListen

Take the plunge into the world of audiobooks with JustListen. Our platform offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing you to convert your eBooks into audiobooks with just a few clicks. By leveraging AI voice technology, JustListen enables you to listen to audiobooks in your favorite voice – making the experience more personalized and enjoyable. 

The Future of Audiobooks is Here

Join the ranks of avid audiobook listeners using JustListen to convert your eBooks into immersive audiobooks. Our platform is designed to cater to all audiobook needs, from ease of use to a wide range of voice options. With JustListen, you can make the most of your reading time by turning your eBooks into audiobooks in minutes. 

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