How to Turn Kindle Book into Audiobook In 3 Steps

Jun 9, 2024

Person Holding a Kindle Book - How to Turn Kindle Book Into Audiobook

Arib Khan

Are you a dedicated reader who struggles to find the time to sit back and enjoy your favorite books? With the hustle and activity of daily life, finding time to read a book can be challenging. 

Imagine being able to turn your favorite Kindle books into audiobooks. By the end of this guide, you'll learn three innovative ways to turn your Kindle books into high-quality audiobooks while enjoying them on your favorite book reading apps.

If you want to transform your Kindle books into audiobooks conveniently and efficiently, consider Justlisten's eBook to Audiobook Converter, a practical tool to help you accomplish your objective. With this tool, you can explore endless possibilities and enjoy the benefits of hands-free entertainment by converting your Kindle books into audiobooks in no time.

Table of Contents

Preparing Your Kindle Book for Conversion

Girl Holding a Kindle Book - How to Turn Kindle Book Into Audiobook

Formatting Check

Pay attention to consistent paragraph breaks, chapter headings, dialogue tags, and overall formatting to ensure a smooth transition from Kindle book to audiobook. This formatting includes font size, line spacing, and indentation.


Thoroughly proofread your Kindle book for typos and grammatical errors. Use spell and grammar checkers for basic errors, but always perform a final human review before conversion.

Writing Guidelines

Follow writing guidelines that eliminate the need for a conclusion, summary, or other unnecessary information. This will ensure your content is concise and focused on key points without unnecessary filler.

Meta-title Tone and Style

Adopt a professional and trustworthy writing tone akin to Steve DeAngelo. Use transition words and an active voice to engage the reader and maintain a consistent and authoritative voice throughout your content.

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Choosing Your Text-to-Speech (TTS) Tool

Mic with Mobilephone - How to Turn Kindle Book Into Audiobook

Certain features are essential to consider when selecting a Text-to-Speech (TTS) tool for your audiobook, enhancing the listening experience. 

Voice Options

The variety and quality of voices offered by different TTS tools can vary significantly, as some offer various genders, accents, and emotional tones. The voice characteristics should suit the genre and style of your book, with a suspenseful thriller benefiting from a more serious and dramatic voice, while a children's book might require a playful and engaging voice.


Many TTS tools allow you to customize aspects of the narration, enabling more control over the final audiobook. Common customization options include adjusting narration speed for different listener preferences, modifying pitch to add emphasis or create specific moods, controlling emphasis on specific words or phrases for added nuance, and adjusting pauses for a more natural flow.


Ensure the TTS tool you choose is compatible with your Kindle book format, with most in .mobi or .kprc format. Verify that the tool supports these formats for conversion to avoid any issues.

Output Options

The TTS tool should offer output formats compatible with your preferred audiobook player, with common formats including MP3, WAV, and M4B. Consider the devices your target audience might use for listening to audiobooks.

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How to Turn Kindle Book into Audiobook In 3 Steps

Mic with Headset and Laptop - How to Turn Kindle Book Into Audiobook

Uploading Your Kindle Book

  • Locate your chosen TTS tool's "Upload" or "Convert" section.

  • Navigate to the location where you saved your exported Kindle book file on your computer.

  • Select the file and initiate the upload process.

Customizing Narration & Preview

Voice Selection 

Choose the voice you want to narrate your audiobook.

Narration Speed

Adjust the speed of the narration to your preference.

Volume and Emphasis 

Adjust the overall volume and the level of emphasis placed on certain words or phrases.

Pauses and Breaks

Control the length of pauses between sentences and paragraphs.

Preview Function

Listen to a short excerpt of your book narrated with your chosen settings.

Generating Audiobook

  • Initiate the conversion process.

  • The conversion time will depend on the length and complexity of your book.

  • Upon successful conversion, download the finished audiobook file.

Editing and Polishing Your Audiobook

Audio Editing being done - How to Turn Kindle Book Into Audiobook

The basic conversion process will generate a functional audiobook.  However, some users might prefer to take it further and add some polish for a more professional touch. Here are a couple of considerations:

Basic Editing

While most TTS tools strive for a natural flow, there might be occasional inconsistencies like unwanted pauses or background noise (depending on the tool's capabilities). Simple audio editing software can help remove these minor glitches.

Advanced Editing and Effects 

Some users might consider more advanced editing techniques for a truly professional feel. These could involve adding intro and outro music, inserting sound effects, or even manually adjusting the intonation of specific sections. However, this level of editing typically requires specialized software and skills.

It's important to remember that editing is entirely optional.  The core conversion process will result in a complete audiobook that can be listened to and enjoyed.  The level of polish you choose to add depends on your personal goals and preferences.

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Benefits of Using JustListen

JustListen offers several benefits for users looking to convert their ebooks into audiobooks. The tool is easy to use and efficient, and users can convert their ebooks in just a few minutes. On top of this, JustListen offers a free trial so users can try the tool before deciding to purchase it. JustListen stands out from competitors because it has integrated AI voice technology that allows users to listen to their audiobooks in almost anyone’s voice.

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