15 iBooks Alternatives and Competitors (2024)

Jul 4, 2024

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Arib Khan

Are you passionate about reading but tired of lugging around bulky books? Do you want to discover 15 alternatives to Apple iBooks? With the vast array of book-reading apps available, finding the perfect fit for your reading preferences is challenging. This guide will help you through the world of book-reading apps to help you find the ideal app that suits your reading needs and preferences.

Introducing Justlisten's eBook to Audiobook Converter, Our enhanced tool can help you achieve your goal of learning 15 alternatives to Apple iBooks without breaking a sweat. Simply convert your eBooks into audiobooks and enjoy reading even on the go. Get ready to explore the world of book-reading apps with Justlisten's solution.

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What is iBooks?

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iBooks, now known as Apple Books, is a built-in application on Apple devices designed for managing and reading ebooks and audiobooks. It allows users to purchase ebooks and audiobooks directly from the Apple Books Store, organize their library, customize reading settings, and synchronize their progress across various Apple devices.

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How to Listen to Audiobooks on Apple Books (Step-by-Step Guide)

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1. Launching Apple Books

Locate the app icon on your home screen to start your audiobook journey on Apple Books. It's easily recognizable - a white sunburst design within a blue square. Tap the icon to launch the application.

2. Accessing Your Audiobook Library

Once in the app, look at the tab bar at the bottom of your screen. There are usually four icons: "Books," "Audiobooks," "Arcade," and a "Search" option. Tap on the "Audiobooks" icon to view your audiobook library.

If you haven't audiobooks in your library or want to browse, tap the "Books" icon. This takes you to the browse section, where you can explore categories like "Featured," "New Releases," and various genres.

3. Finding the Audiobook You Want

You can locate a specific audiobook using the search bar at the top of the screen. Type in the title or author you're looking for and tap the "Search" icon. Alternatively, you can browse by category to discover new audiobooks.

4. Selecting and Playing Your Audiobook

When you've found the audiobook you want, tap on it to open the details page. Here, you'll find essential information like the title, author, narrator, synopsis, and reviews from other listeners. You'll also see play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward buttons to control your listening experience.

To enhance your experience, you can adjust the playback speed to suit your preference, whether you want to listen faster or slower. You can also set a sleep timer to automatically stop playback after a specific duration, perfect for bedtime or when you're limited on time. You can bookmark your progress easily by tapping the chapter indicator at the bottom of the screen to resume listening from where you left off.

Now that you know how to navigate Apple Books to find and listen to your favorite audiobooks, you can dive into storytelling and immerse yourself in vibrant narratives wherever you go.

Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks

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Learning and Development

Audiobooks offer a convenient way to expand your knowledge in various subjects such as history, science, personal development, and more. With a vast selection of audiobooks available, you can delve deeper into your interests and learn new things effortlessly.

Improved Focus and Concentration

Audiobooks can help enhance focus and concentration in a world of distractions. By immersing yourself in a captivating audiobook, you can practice tuning out background noise and distractions, improving your ability to concentrate on the tasks.

Entertainment and Relaxation 

Audiobooks provide an enjoyable escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Listening to a captivating story can be an excellent way to unwind after a long day, reduce stress, and promote relaxation.

Bonding and Shared Experiences

Listening to audiobooks can be a great way to connect with others. Sharing the experience of listening to the same audiobook with friends or family can spark discussions, create shared experiences, and foster a sense of community.

Exposure to Different Languages

Audiobooks are a valuable resource for language learners. Listening to audiobooks in your target language can help improve listening comprehension, pronunciation, and vocabulary naturally and engagingly.

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16 Popular Audiobook Alternatives and Competitors

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1. Justlisten

JustListen offers an eBook to Audiobook Converter that allows users to convert their ebooks into audiobooks quickly. Using leading AI voice technology, JustListen enables users to listen to audiobooks in various voices. Try the eBook to Audiobook Converter for free today with JustListen!

2. Audible

Audible, owned by Amazon, is a top-tier subscription service offering a vast audiobook library and exclusive content. It allows users to purchase audiobooks with credits and offers features like playback speed adjustment and sleep timers.

3. Kobo

Kobo by Rakuten provides a user-friendly app for reading ebooks and listening to audiobooks. With a growing library, Kobo integrates seamlessly with its ebook store, allowing users to switch between formats easily.

4. Scribd

Scribd offers a subscription service that provides access to various types of digital content, including audiobooks, ebooks, magazines, and podcasts. While the library may not be as extensive as other platforms, users can enjoy unlimited access for a single price.

5. LibriVox

LibriVox is a non-profit platform offering many free audiobooks from public-domain classics. It relies on volunteer narrators, making audiobook quality variable, but allows listeners to explore timeless literary works.

6. Google Play Books

Google Play Books lets users purchase and listen to audiobooks alongside ebooks through the Google Play Store. With seamless syncing across Android devices, users can continue listening from where they left off on any device.

7. OverDrive

OverDrive is a library lending app that lets users borrow ebooks and audiobooks digitally using a valid library card. It's a great option for cost-conscious readers leveraging library resources, with selections varying based on digital collections.

8. Nook Audiobooks

Nook Audiobooks by Barnes & Noble offers a curated audiobook library that integrates seamlessly with the Barnes & Noble ebook store. Users may purchase audiobooks individually or subscribe to a service depending on availability.

9. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg provides free audiobooks of public domain works focusing on classic literature. Like LibriVox, volunteers contribute to narration quality, making it ideal for budget-conscious listeners interested in literary classics.

10. Chirp

Chirp is an audiobook retailer offering daily deals and discounts on a wide range of titles, making it great for budget-conscious listeners seeking popular audiobooks at reduced prices.

11. Playster

Playster is a subscription service dedicated to audiobooks, offering unlimited access to a large library for offline listening. While it may not have the same variety as other platforms, it provides a more curated audiobook experience.

12. Spotify

Spotify, known for music streaming, also offers a growing selection of audiobooks within its platform. Ideal for Spotify subscribers looking to explore audiobooks without switching platforms, the integration is seamless for existing users.

13. Downpour.com

Downpour.com allows users to purchase audiobooks permanently, providing ownership instead of a subscription model. It's perfect for listeners who prefer building a permanent library of audiobooks.

14. Audiobooks.com 

Audiobooks.com is another platform offering a collection of purchased audiobooks for users to keep in their library, allowing them to build a permanent collection.

15. Storytel

Storytel offers a subscription service with a curated selection of audiobooks in various languages, making it ideal for multilingual listeners or those interested in foreign language literature. Subscription fees provide unlimited access to the library.

16. Serial Reader

Serial Reader focuses on serialized audiobooks, delivering content in bite-sized episodes for shorter listening experiences. It offers shorter listening commitments with episodic content, perfect for listeners with limited audiobook time.

Best Listening Practices for Audiobooks

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Find the Perfect Listening Environment

To fully immerse yourself in the world of audiobooks and maximize your comprehension and retention, consider these best practices:

Minimize distractions by choosing a quiet space to listen. This allows you to focus on the audiobook and avoid missing important details.

Adjust the Playback Speed

Experiment with the playback speed on your audiobook platform. The key is to find the ideal speed that allows you to comfortably absorb the information without feeling overwhelmed.

Engage Actively

While audiobooks allow for multitasking, actively listening enhances your comprehension. Try taking notes, summarizing critical points after each chapter, or engaging in discussions about the audiobook with others.

Embrace Rereading (Listening)

Don't be afraid to rewind or replay sections you missed or found confusing. Complex passages or intricate plot points often benefit from revisiting.

Vary Your Listening Material

Just like with physical books, explore different genres and styles of audiobooks. This keeps listening fresh and exposes you to diverse writing styles and topics.

Utilize Sleep Timers

Audiobooks can be a great way to unwind before sleep. Set a sleep timer on your audiobook app to ensure you don't miss the ending or drain your battery throughout the night.

Leverage Pausing and Bookmarking

If you need to pause your audiobook midway, utilize your platform's pause and bookmark features. This allows you to pick up where you left off later easily.

Explore Additional Features

Many audiobook platforms offer bonus features like chapter previews, narrator information, and cast lists. Take advantage of these features to enrich your listening experience.

Sync Across Devices

Many audiobook platforms allow you to sync your progress across various devices seamlessly. This ensures you can continue listening to your audiobook on your phone, tablet, or computer, depending on your convenience.

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Advanced Listening Techniques

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Shadowing is a technique in which you listen to a passage of an audiobook and then try to repeat it aloud, copying the narrator's intonation and pace. This practice can enhance your pronunciation, comprehension, and overall engagement with the material. 

By mimicking the narrator's speech patterns, you can immerse yourself further in the audiobook and sharpen your listening skills.


Dictation involves listening to the audiobook and taking notes on key points or quotes using a note-taking app. This method reinforces information retention and improves your active listening skills. By summarizing the main ideas or concepts of the audiobook in your own words, you deepen your understanding of the content and absorb it more effectively.

Visual Aids

For audiobooks that cover complex topics or contain detailed descriptions, utilizing visual aids can enhance your comprehension and overall experience. Consider supplementing your listening by using online maps, character lists, or images that align with the audiobook content. These additional resources can provide context, clarify details, and enrich your understanding of the material.

These advanced listening techniques can elevate your audiobook experience, transforming it from a passive activity into a rich, immersive learning journey. By actively engaging with the content, you can deepen your understanding, enhance your listening skills, and enjoy a more enriching and rewarding audiobook experience.

Getting the Most Out of Your Audiobooks

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Discoverability and Recommendations

Audiobooks can sometimes feel overwhelming in their vastness. Although you can close your eyes and pick a random title, many prefer a more structured approach. This is where audiobook recommendations and algorithm-based suggestions come into play. 

Using these features, you can explore new genres and authors that might not have crossed your path otherwise. It's like having a bookish friend who knows all your tastes and preferences.

Community and Reviews

Some audiobooks are gems, while others might not meet your expectations. To avoid sinking hours into a dud, listen to fellow audiobook enthusiasts. Many platforms have sections where users leave reviews, ranging from short thoughts to in-depth analyses. 

Reading or listening to these reviews can provide valuable insights into the quality of the audiobook, the narrator's performance, and whether the content aligns with your tastes.

Integration with Library Resources

If you have a library card collecting dust in your wallet, you're missing out on a hidden treasure trove of free audiobooks. Platforms like OverDrive allow you to borrow audiobooks from your local library digitally. This fantastic feature allows you to access a massive collection without spending a dime.

Offline Listening

Imagine this: you're listening to a gripping audiobook on your daily commute when suddenly your train enters a tunnel, and the internet connection dies. The horror! Avoid such scenarios by downloading your favorite audiobooks for offline listening. Most platforms offer this feature, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted listening during commutes, flights, or travels.

Accessibility Features

Audiobook platforms are becoming increasingly aware of their diverse audience's needs. Many offer features like variable narration speed, adjustable text size for transcripts (if available), and compatibility with screen readers. These features cater to listeners with differing needs and preferences, ensuring everyone can enjoy audiobooks comfortably.

Integration with Fitness Trackers

Combining exercise with audiobook listening can make workouts feel less daunting. Some audiobook platforms sync with fitness trackers, allowing you to track your listening progress alongside your workout data. This integration can be a great motivator for incorporating audiobooks into your exercise routine.

Parental Controls

Parental controls are essential for parents using audiobooks to entertain or educate their little ones. Explore platforms with these features to manage content access and ensure your children listen to age-appropriate material. With parental controls, your mind can rest easy knowing your kids are safely enjoying enriching audiobook experiences.

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AI Voice Technology Integration

One of JustListen's standout features is its integration of AI voice technology. This cutting-edge technology allows users to listen to audiobooks in virtually any voice they desire. Whether you prefer a soothing female voice, a deep male voice, or even a celebrity voice, JustListen has you covered. This level of personalization and customization ensures that every audiobook experience is uniquely tailored to the user's preferences.

User-Friendly Interface

JustListen’s user-friendly interface makes converting eBooks into audiobooks a breeze. Whether you are a tech-savvy individual or a novice in technology, JustListen's intuitive platform ensures anyone can easily navigate the tool. Simply log in with Google or create an account, and you'll be well on your way to transforming your eBooks into captivating audiobooks.

Efficiency and Convenience

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