10 Reading Apps Free and Easy to Use

Jun 20, 2024

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Arib Khan

Searching for the best free book reading apps? In this digital age, we are always on the go, with little time to sit down and read a good book. Luckily, with Reading Apps Free, you can effortlessly explore the world of books while on the move. 

This guide will help you explore the complexities of free reading apps by providing you with 10 top options to explore. Let's embark on this exciting journey together.

Looking to enhance your reading experience with free book-reading apps? Justlisten's eBook to Audiobook Converter is the perfect tool.

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Free Reading Apps Explained

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In digital reading, free reading apps act as virtual libraries on your mobile device or tablet. These apps allow users to download and access ebooks and audiobooks for free, offering a convenient and portable way to enjoy a vast collection of literature.

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The Advantages of Free Reading Apps

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Free reading apps allow you to carry your entire library in your pocket, eliminating the need to lug around heavy physical books. Whether you're on the go or simply lounging at home, your favorite stories are always within reach.

Vast Library Access

With free reading apps, you can explore many ebooks and audiobooks, including classics, contemporary fiction, and even public library ebooks through platforms like Libby. This access enables you to discover new genres, authors, and literary styles you might not have encountered otherwise.

Discover New Authors

Free reading apps often showcase independent authors and lesser-known titles, allowing you to broaden your literary horizons. Whether looking for hidden gems or wanting to support emerging writers, these apps offer a platform for diverse voices and stories to shine.

Cater to Different Preferences:

Whether you prefer ebooks' traditional feel or audiobooks' convenience, free reading apps cater to diverse reading styles. From providing customizable fonts and themes to enabling seamless transitions between reading and listening modes, these apps offer flexibility to meet your reading preferences.

Top 10 Reading Apps Free

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1. Justlisten 

JustListen converts ebooks into audiobooks in minutes. Upload your epub file, and an audiobook will be ready in minutes. Our team has built leading AI voice tools, so we have integrated AI voice technology to enable you to listen to audiobooks in essentially anyone’s voice.

2. Wattpad

Discover a vibrant community of readers and writers on Wattpad. Explore millions of stories written by aspiring authors, or even become a writer and share your work with the world.

3. Goodreads

More than just a reading app, Goodreads is a social network for book lovers. Track your reading progress, create shelves to categorize your books, and connect with friends to share recommendations and reviews.

4. Project Gutenberg

Dive into the world of classic literature with Project Gutenberg. This app offers a treasure trove of free ebooks in the public domain, including timeless works by Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and many more.

5. Aldiko

Enjoy a versatile reading experience with Aldiko. This app supports various ebook formats and allows you to customize your reading experience with font adjustments and night mode.

6. Moon+ Reader

Prioritize eye comfort with Moon+ Reader. This app boasts customizable themes and night mode settings, ensuring a comfortable reading experience even in low-light environments.

7. OverDrive

Another library ebook and audiobook borrowing app, OverDrive, connects you to your local library's digital collection. You can borrow ebooks and audiobooks seamlessly and enjoy them on your mobile device.

8. FBReader

Known for its lightweight design and ease of use, FBReader is a great option for those who prefer a no-frills reading experience. It supports various ebook formats and allows for basic customization options.

9. eReader Prestigio

Offering a sleek and user-friendly interface, eReader Prestigio provides a comfortable reading environment. Explore a wide range of ebooks and customize your experience with font adjustments and note-taking capabilities.

10. Audiobook Player

Specifically designed for audiobooks, Audiobook Player allows you to manage and listen to your audiobook collection with ease. Utilize features like playback speed adjustments, bookmarks, and sleep timers for an optimized listening experience. 

Try our eBook to Audiobook Converter for free.

Justliste converts ebooks into audiobooks in minutes. Upload your epub file, and an audiobook will be ready in minutes. Our team has built leading AI voice tools, so we have integrated AI voice technology to enable you to listen to audiobooks in essentially anyone’s voice.

Try our eBook to Audiobook Converter for free today. Log in with Google or create an account, and you’ll be set to go within minutes. Turn your eBooks into Audiobooks with ease with JustListen.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Free Reading App

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Reading Style: Ebooks or Audiobooks

One crucial factor to consider when choosing a free reading app is your preferred reading style. Do you enjoy the traditional visual experience of reading text on a screen or prefer the convenience of listening to audiobooks? Many apps offer both options, while others specialize in one format, so choosing an app that aligns with your reading preferences is essential.

Library Integration

Borrowing Ebooks

If you plan to borrow from your local library, ensure the app is compatible with their lending system. Popular library lending apps include Libby and Overdrive.


Check: Most libraries have a webpage dedicated to their digital services. Look for a section on "compatible apps" or search the app store for information on supported library systems. This ensures you can seamlessly access a wide range of books without breaking the bank.

Genre Selection

Finding Your Niche

It's essential to consider whether the app offers a good selection of your favorite genres. Whether you enjoy sci-fi, romance, mystery, or any other genre, ensure the app caters to your reading interests. If you have eclectic tastes, look for apps with various genres to ensure you always have something new to read.

Customization and Features

Enhancing Your Experience

Consider features that can personalize your reading journey. Look for features such as font size and style adjustments that allow you to customize the reading experience. Night mode is another beneficial feature that reduces eye strain by adjusting screen brightness and color temperature. Additionally, bookmarking functionality and dictionary integration can enhance your overall reading experience. 

Tips to Improve Your Reading Experience

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Customization Options

Free reading apps offer various customization options to tailor your reading experience to your preferences. Adjust the font size, style, and background color to find the perfect combination for comfortable reading. Night mode is also available for reading in low-light conditions.

Bookmarking for Continuity

Many reading apps feature bookmarking capabilities to help you keep your place in a book. Set bookmarks at specific points in the text to easily pick up where you left off. Some apps even offer advanced bookmarking options that allow you to add notes or highlights for more detailed referencing.

Connecting with the Reading Community

Numerous free reading apps integrate with online reading communities like Goodreads. Follow fellow book lovers to discover new recommendations and engage in discussions about books you're interested in.

Exploring Additional Features

Some reading apps offer additional features beyond the basics, such as dictionary integration, text-to-speech functionality, and progress tracking. Use these tools to enhance your reading experience and get the most out of your free reading app.

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