Turn Book into Audiobook in 5 Methods

Jun 5, 2024

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Arib Khan

Are you a book lover who struggles to find time to satisfy a favorite read? Or perhaps you have a visually harmed loved one who misses exploring the pages of a good book? 

The solution to these challenges lies in turning books into audiobooks. But how can you achieve this easily? That's where book reading apps offer a simple way to convert your favorite books into audiobooks. In this guide, we will dive into five easy methods to turn a book into an audiobook, guiding you through the process step by step.

If you're looking for an efficient way to transform your favorite books into audiobooks, Justlisten's eBook to Audiobook Converter is here to help. This tool will enable you to turn a book into an audiobook in simple steps. With this solution, you can effortlessly enjoy your favorite books in audio format, transforming your reading experience.

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Why Audiobooks are Necessary

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Audiobooks are experiencing a surge in popularity, with millions listening to their favorite stories on the go. This rise can be attributed to several factors.


Audiobooks allow listeners to consume content while multitasking - commuting, exercising, or even doing chores.


Audiobooks are a boon for people with visual impairments or those who struggle with traditional reading.

Enhanced Engagement

A skilled narrator can bring your story to life with inflection and emotion, creating a truly immersive experience for listeners.

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Things to Consider Before Making an Audiobook

Budget and Resources 

Creating an audiobook can be a DIY project or a professional studio production. Be realistic about your financial resources and the equipment you have available. Do you have a quiet recording space? Will you need to purchase a microphone or editing software?

Length and Complexity of Your Book 

A longer or more complex book with multiple characters and dialects may require a more experienced narrator and a larger budget for editing. A shorter, straightforward book might be more manageable for self-narration or text-to-speech.

Target Audience and Their Preferences 

Who are you hoping will listen to your audiobook? Understanding your target audience's preferences can guide your decisions. For example, listeners of genre fiction like fantasy or romance might enjoy a more dramatic narration style, while listeners of non-fiction books might prefer a clear and concise delivery.

Choosing the Right Narration Style

A crucial decision is whether to narrate your audiobook yourself (self-narration) or hire a professional narrator. Self-narration allows you to maintain creative control and can be budget-friendly. 

However, it requires a strong reading voice, good audio editing skills, and a quiet recording environment. Professional narrators offer experience, a polished delivery, and the ability to handle complex characters and accents.

Turn Book into Audiobook in 5 Methods

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1. DIY Recording: How to Turn a Book into an Audiobook by Yourself

Self-recording your audiobook is an excellent way to save on production costs and ensure your vision is fully realized. First, acquire the necessary equipment: a microphone, pop filter, mic stand, and recording software. Next, set up a recording space free from outside noise and echo.

A walk-in closet filled with clothes can work well. Practice reading your book aloud before recording and break the book into manageable sections for easier recording. Record your audiobook in short segments to prevent mistakes and take breaks to maintain vocal quality.

After recording, edit the audio by removing background noise, silencing spaces between phrases, and normalizing the volume.

2. Narrator Hiring: Finding the Perfect Voice for Your Audiobook 

Hiring a professional narrator is an excellent choice for busy authors who want a high-quality audio product. Start by researching audiobook narrators on platforms like Audible or ACX and listen to samples to find a voice that matches your book's tone.

Reach out to prospective narrators with a short sample of your book to gauge their interest and availability. Negotiate rates and set an agreement. Provide the narrator with guidance, such as character accents and pronunciations, and review chapters as they are completed. Ensure that the final product meets your narration quality and performance expectations.

3. Text-to-Speech Software: Turning Your Book into an Audiobook with AI

Text-to-speech tools provide an affordable option for authors who want to quickly convert their books into audiobooks. Research text-to-speech software options to find a program that offers natural-sounding voices and customization options.

Upload your book to the software and adjust settings like voice speed, pitch, and pronunciation to optimize audio quality. Preview and edit the generated audiobook to fix errors and ensure a smooth listening experience. If the automated version is unsatisfactory, consider hiring a professional narrator to re-record the audiobook.

4. Audiobook Creation Services: Full-Service Solutions for Authors

Audiobook creation companies offer complete production services, from narration to distribution, to help authors create polished audiobooks. Research audiobook creation services to find a company that matches your budget, deadlines, and quality expectations.

Submit your book and any specific requirements for the service to receive a production proposal, including costs and timelines. Collaborate with the company throughout the production process, providing feedback on the narration and editing. Approve the final audiobook before it is distributed to online platforms like Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

5. Crowdfunding Platforms: Mobilizing Your Community to Turn Your Book into an Audiobook

Crowdfunding platforms allow authors to fund audiobook production costs through community support. Select a crowdfunding platform that aligns with your needs, such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Patreon, and set fundraising goals.

Create a compelling campaign that includes details about the book and audiobook project and potential rewards for backers. Promote the campaign to your existing readership through social media, email newsletters, and author events. Engage with backers throughout the campaign and provide updates on progress to maintain interest and momentum.

Benefits of Having an Audiobook

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Increased Reach

Converting your book into audiobooks can significantly expand your audience's reach as an author. Audiobook listeners are rapidly growing, and tapping into this market segment can help you gain new readers who prefer to listen rather than read.


Turning your book into an audiobook makes it accessible to a broader range of readers, including those with visual impairments. By offering your book in audio format, you provide an inclusive reading experience to a wider audience.

Enhanced Revenue Stream

Authors can earn a lucrative additional income from audiobook sales. By making their books available in multiple formats, they can maximize their revenue potential and reach readers who prefer to consume content through audio.

Greater Visibility

Converting your book into an audiobook can increase the overall visibility of your work. Audiobooks can attract new readers to your book and potentially increase sales of the physical or e-book versions. Additionally, audiobooks can help you build a loyal fan base and strengthen your author brand.

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Additional Considerations for Audiobook Production

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Script Preparation

Creating a script can be beneficial for complex narratives with multiple characters. This script includes character descriptions, dialogue tags, and pacing notes to guide the narrator and help maintain consistency and clarity throughout the recording.

Character Development

Audiobooks with distinct characters should consider developing their voices and personalities beforehand for fiction. This preparation allows the narrator to deliver a more engaging and nuanced performance, making the overall listening experience more enjoyable for the audience.

Recording Equipment and Recording Space

While a basic microphone and quiet environment can work for self-narration, professional results often require higher-quality equipment. Investing in a good condenser microphone and soundproof booth can significantly enhance the audio quality of the final product.

Recording Space

Finding a quiet, echo-free space is essential to minimize background noise in the recordings. Investing in soundproofing materials can be a worthwhile expense for dedicated recording spaces to create a more controlled environment that contributes to better audio quality.

Editing and Post-Production

Editing plays a critical role in audiobook production. It removes mistakes, adds necessary pauses between sentences, and maintains consistent audio levels throughout. Software like Audacity provides basic editing features, while professional studios employ advanced tools for more intricate post-production tasks.

Post-Production Enhancements

Post-production work includes adding music, sound effects, and chapter markers to enrich the listening experience. These elements can further engage the audience and bring the audiobook to life, creating a more immersive journey for the listeners.

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