3 Simple Ways To Turn Physical Book into Audiobook App

Jun 11, 2024

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Arib Khan

Are you a book lover who can't set aside time to read your favorite novel? Or are you a busy professional who can never find a moment to sit down and enjoy that popular bestseller? With the fast-moving world we live in today, sometimes finding the time to read can be a challenge. 

But imagine if you could turn any physical book into an audiobook app for easy listening whenever and wherever you want. In this guide, we'll share simple tips for converting physical books into e-books, allowing you to listen to your favorite content comfortably on your smartphone or tablet.

Justlisten's eBook to Audiobook Converter is an enhanced tool designed to help you convert physical books into e-books. With these book reading apps, you can turn any book into an audiobook, making reading accessible anytime.

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What is an Audiobook App?

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Audiobook apps are digital platforms that allow listeners to access and enjoy narrated versions of their favorite books. These apps function similarly to virtual libraries, offering various audiobooks across genres, authors, and narrators. Users can easily search for audiobooks based on categories, keywords, or specific authors to find the perfect book to listen to.

Audiobook apps provide flexibility in both streaming and downloading options. Listeners can stream audiobooks directly over the internet, ideal for situations with a stable data connection. Additionally, many apps allow users to download audiobooks for offline listening. This is particularly handy for limited internet access, such as during flights or outdoor activities.

The apps come equipped with user-friendly playback controls and customization features. Listeners can easily pause, rewind, fast-forward, and adjust the playback speed to suit their preferences. Some audiobook apps also offer advanced features like sleep timers and bookmarking to enhance the listening experience and make it easy to resume where you left off.

Audiobook apps typically offer two main pricing models: subscription services or pay-per-book options. Subscriptions give users access to a vast library of audiobooks for a flat monthly or yearly fee. 

On the other hand, pay-per-book models allow listeners to purchase individual titles at set prices. The best choice depends on the listener's habits; frequent readers may benefit more from a subscription, while occasional listeners may prefer the flexibility of pay-per-book options.

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9 Key Characteristics Of An Audiobook App

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1. Extensive Audiobook Library

When choosing an audiobook app, the first thing to consider is the size and diversity of its audiobook library. The more extensive the library, the more likely you find audiobooks catering to your interests and preferences. 

Look for apps with a wide range of genres and categories, from fiction and non-fiction to self-help and fantasy novels. A well-stocked library ensures you always have something interesting to listen to.

2. User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface is essential for a smooth and enjoyable listening experience. Look for an app that is easy to navigate, with intuitive menus and controls that make browsing for audiobooks, managing your library, and controlling playback simple and hassle-free. A clean and clutter-free interface can enhance your overall enjoyment of the app.

3. Search and Filter Options

Powerful search and filter options can help you find the audiobooks you want to listen to quickly and easily. Look for apps with robust search capabilities that allow you to search by title, author, narrator, genre, and even keywords within audiobook descriptions. The ability to filter and sort search results can help you discover new audiobooks that match your interests.

4. Streaming and Download Capabilities

Choose an audiobook app that offers both streaming and downloading options. Streaming allows you to listen to audiobooks instantly with an internet connection.

Downloading lets you save audiobooks for offline listening, such as during commutes or flights. Access to both options gives you greater flexibility in how and when you listen to audiobooks.

5. Playback Controls and Customization

Look for an app that offers a range of playback controls and customization options. Features like playback speed control, sleep timers, and bookmarking can enhance your listening experience and make it more personalized. 

Adjusting playback speed, setting a sleep timer, and bookmarking specific points in an audiobook can help you tailor your listening experience to suit your preferences.

6. Audio Quality

High-quality audio is crucial for an immersive listening experience. Choose an audiobook app that delivers clear, crisp audio with minimal background noise or distractions. Good audio quality can significantly affect how enjoyable you find listening to audiobooks, so prioritize this aspect when selecting an app.

7. Offline Library Management

An app with efficient offline library management features is essential for downloaded audiobooks. Look for apps that allow you to organize your downloaded audiobooks, create playlists, and easily access your recently listened-to titles. Managing your offline library effectively can help you stay organized and find audiobooks to listen to more easily.

8. Multiple Subscription Options or Pay-Per-Book

Consider the pricing model of the app when choosing an audiobook app. Some apps offer multiple subscription tiers with different levels of access to audiobooks.

Others may allow you to pay for individual audiobooks. The right pricing model for you will depend on how frequently you listen to audiobooks and how many you want access to at any given time.

9. Compatibility with Your Devices

Ensure that the audiobook app you choose is compatible with the devices you use most frequently, such as your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Some apps may offer additional features, such as syncing playback progress across devices.

Allowing you to seamlessly switch between listening on different devices without losing your place in an audiobook. Compatibility with your devices can make it easier to enjoy listening to audiobooks whenever and wherever you want.

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3 Simple Ways to Turn Physical Books into Audiobook App Material (Method One)

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1. Record Yourself

Expert in the area of turning physical books into audiobook apps and one of the most effective ways to achieve this is by recording your own audiobook. This method provides complete control over the narration and allows you to inject your personality into the reading. Follow these steps to record your audiobook:

Gather Your Tools

Before starting the recording process, gather the necessary tools. For better quality, you will need a recording device such as a computer or phone with a built-in microphone or an external microphone. 

Consider using audio recording software such as Audacity, GarageBand, or more advanced paid software for enhanced features. Find a quiet space to record to minimize background noise and ensure a professional and clear audiobook recording.

Prepare Your Book

Choose a specific chapter or section to start recording. Use a physical copy of the book and bookmark your place for easy reference while recording. You can also practice reading aloud before recording to ensure clarity and proper pacing.

Record Your Audiobook

Open your chosen audio recording software and get familiar with the controls. Hit the record button and start narrating the selected section. Pause and re-record sections as necessary to ensure a smooth and error-free recording.

2. Edit and Polish Your Recording

After recording, import the audio file into editing software like Audacity. Remove any unwanted sounds, such as background noise or coughs. Adjust volume levels to ensure consistency throughout the recording. Add optional chapter markers for easier navigation within the audiobook app.

3. Export and Enjoy

Once you are satisfied with the recording and editing, export the finished audio file in a compatible format for audiobook apps, usually MP3. If desired, use a free online audio splitter tool to divide the audiobook into chapter-sized files for easier listening.

JustListen Offers a Convenient Solution

JustListen converts ebooks into audiobooks in minutes. Simply upload your epub file, and you'll have an audiobook ready quickly. With leading AI voice tools, 

JustListen integrates AI voice technology to enable you to listen to audiobooks in virtually anyone's voice. Try our eBook to Audiobook Converter for free today—just log in with Google or create an account and start turning your eBooks into Audiobooks with ease.

3 Simple Ways to Turn Physical Books into Audiobook App Material (Method Two) 

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I always recommend starting by choosing the right text-to-speech (TTS) software. Many options are available online, each with different features and costs. 

Researching and experimenting with a few free trials or demos is essential to find a voice that sounds natural to your ear. After all, the best audiobooks are those that sound like they're read by a human.  

1. Preparing Your Book Text

If your book is already available as an e-book, lucky you! You can upload the text file directly into the TTS software. But if you have a physical book, there are a few extra steps. 

You can either scan each page into a digital format using a scanner app or a dedicated scanner or type out the book's text manually. Just be sure to consider copyright restrictions before you proceed.  

2. Converting Text to Audio

After you've settled on a TTS software and prepped your book text, it's time to convert that text into an audio file. Start by opening your chosen TTS software and importing your book text. 

Next, select a voice you like and fine-tune settings like speech rate and pitch. Previewing your audio before moving on is crucial to ensure the narration's quality and naturalness.  

3. Editing and Exporting

Some TTS software comes with basic editing tools, but sometimes you might want additional software to tweak your audio file further. For instance, you might want to add background music or adjust the volume. 

Once you're satisfied with your finished audiobook, remember to export it in a format compatible with audiobook apps, typically an MP3 file.

3 Simple Ways to Turn Physical Books into Audiobook App Material (Method Three) 

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1. Find a Book Narrator

  • Online platforms connect authors with freelance voice actors.

  • Research narrator profiles, listen to demos, and compare rates.

  • Consider factors like vocal quality, experience with your book's genre, and budget.

2. Prepare Your Book

  • Ensure the digital file of your book text (e-book file, scanned/typed text, etc.) is ready for the narrator.

  • Prepare specific instructions for the narrator, including desired tone, pacing, and character interpretations (optional).

3. Collaborate and Review  

  • Once you've chosen a narrator, finalize a contract outlining project scope and payment terms.

  • Provide the narrator with your book text and any specific instructions.

  • The narrator will record the audiobook based on your specifications.

  • Review the completed audiobook and request any necessary revisions.

Talk about JustListen

JustListen converts ebooks into audiobooks in minutes. Just upload your epub file, and have an audiobook ready in minutes. Our team has built leading AI voice tools, so we have integrated AI voice technology to enable you to listen to audiobooks in essentially anyone’s voice. Try our eBook to Audiobook Converter for free today — just log in with Google or create an account, and you’ll be set to go within minutes. Turn your eBooks into Audiobooks with ease with JustListen.

5 Advantages of Audiobooks

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1. Multitasking

I find that audiobooks are a fantastic way to read more while doing other things. Whether commuting to work, exercising, or cleaning the house, listening to a book allows me to enjoy literature without setting aside dedicated reading time. 

This multitasking capability is invaluable for anyone with a busy schedule who still wants to enjoy the benefits of reading. 

2. Accessibility

I've heard that audiobooks are a game-changer for people with visual impairments or reading difficulties. Providing an alternative way to access books allows these individuals to enjoy literature just like anyone else. 

I'm thrilled that audiobooks offer a more inclusive reading experience and can help a diverse audience access the joys of storytelling.

3. Improved Focus and Retention

Some studies have suggested that listening to audiobooks may lead to better focus and comprehension than silent reading. I believe this could be because listening requires more focused attention than reading silently. 

Whether I'm listening to the soothing voice of a skilled narrator or the engaging story of a captivating story, I've found that listening to audiobooks can significantly improve my focus and retention of the content.

4. Enhanced Narration

I've noticed that a skilled narrator can truly bring a story to life. By adding emotional depth and nuance to the characters and plot, a talented narrator can elevate the listening experience. 

Their voice inflections and pacing can enhance my connection to the story, making it a more immersive experience. I appreciate the artistry of narration and how it can enhance my enjoyment of an audiobook.

5. Convenience and Portability

Audiobooks are incredibly convenient and portable. I love that I can store a vast collection of audiobooks on my smartphone or tablet, giving me instant access to my favorite titles anytime, anywhere. 

Whether traveling, going for a walk, or just relaxing at home, having my audiobooks readily available ensures that I can enjoy my reading no matter where I am.

Turn Any of Your Ebooks Into Audiobooks In Minutes - Get Started for Free Today!

Have extensive knowledge and experience with JustListen, a groundbreaking tool that allows you to convert your ebooks into audiobooks in a matter of minutes. With JustListen, you can simply upload your epub file and have an audiobook ready to go quickly. 

Our team has developed cutting-edge AI voice tools, enabling us to integrate AI voice technology so that you can listen to audiobooks in practically anyone’s voice. This innovative feature sets JustListen apart from other ebook to audiobook converters on the market, offering users a unique and personalized experience.

Try our eBook to Audiobook Converter for free today. Log in with Google or create an account, and you’ll be set to go within minutes. Turn your eBooks into Audiobooks with ease with JustListen.

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