How to Choose a Simple TTS Reader (8 Tips to Guide You)

Jun 7, 2024

woman testing out Simple TTS Reader

Arib Khan

Are you frustrated with the very large selection of book reading apps out there, undecided about which is the best fit for you? This guide will help you choose the correct Text-to-speech (TTS) reader app to cater perfectly to your needs. 

Whether you're a bookworm who loves to read on the go or a busy professional who enjoys listening to eBooks during the daily commute, we've covered you with essential tips and tricks to make the best-informed decision on a TTS reader app.

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What is a Text-to-Speech Reader?

man from office using Simple TTS Reader

Text-to-speech (TTS) technology is a form of assistive technology that converts digital text into spoken audio. Imagine having any text on your computer or phone read aloud to you.

The purpose of a TTS reader is to bridge the gap between written information and spoken communication. It essentially acts like a digital narrator, giving a voice to electronic text.

How Does a TTS Reader Work?

  • You provide the text you want to be read aloud. This can be done by pasting copied text, uploading a document, or highlighting text on a webpage (depending on the reader).

  • The TTS reader software analyzes the text, breaking it into individual words and understanding punctuation.

  •  The reader synthesizes a voice that speaks the text aloud using a large language database of pronunciations and speech patterns.

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Benefits of using a TTS reader

woman on couch experimenting with Simple TTS Reader


A simple TTS reader can be a game-changer for people with visual impairments, learning disabilities like dyslexia, or those who struggle with reading fluency. TTS readers allow these individuals to independently access and understand written information, promoting literacy and education.


TTS readers are not just practical tools; they also serve as a source of entertainment. They allow users to listen to ebooks and articles while multitasking, like exercising or commuting. Additionally, they can be used for entertainment purposes, such as listening to stories being read aloud.


Leveraging a TTS reader can help improve the proofreading and editing of written work by allowing users to hear their writing. This feature enables them to catch errors more effectively. Moreover, TTS readers can create audio presentations or convert notes into spoken summaries to study or review information.

Multilingual Capabilities

Some TTS readers offer a variety of voices in different languages and accents. This feature can be particularly helpful for learning a new language or consuming content in a preferred language.

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Features of a Simple TTS Reader

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Text Input Options

Text input options in simple TTS readers are straightforward and user-friendly. You can copy and paste text directly from your computer's clipboard into the reader's interface. This allows for quick and easy text conversion. Moreover, some readers can upload text files in various formats like .txt, .docx, or .pdf. This is useful for reading longer documents or ebooks.

Voice Selection

Simple readers typically offer a selection of different voices, often including both male and female options. This can help personalize the listening experience and avoid monotony. While not all simple readers offer extensive language options, some allow you to choose voices in different languages. 

This is a valuable feature for multilingual users or those who want to practice listening comprehension in another language. A few simple readers might offer a limited selection of voices with different accents within the same language (e.g., American vs. British English).

Speed and Pitch Adjustment

Adjusting the playback speed of the text is a useful feature in simple TTS readers. This allows you to adjust the reading speed to find the optimal comprehension pace or skim through content quickly. 

Some readers offer basic pitch control, letting you raise or lower the overall tone of the voice. This can be helpful for users who find certain pitches particularly irritating or soothing.

Saving Audio Output in Various Formats

Simple readers might allow you to save the converted speech as audio files in common formats like MP3 or WAV. This feature lets you listen to the text later on a portable device or share the audio with others.

Choosing the Right Simple TTS Reader (8 Factors to Consider)

man working with Simple TTS Reader

1. Voice Quality

When choosing a Simple TTS Reader, considering voice quality is crucial.

A natural-sounding feature voice enhances comprehension and makes listening enjoyable. Even if the focus is on functionality, a voice that sounds more human-like can make extended listening sessions much more pleasant. Look for a reader that offers a variety of voices to select from, as this can help cater to individual preferences and requirements.

2. User Interface (UI)

A straightforward, user-friendly interface is key for a simple TTS reader. It should be easy to navigate, with clear instructions and intuitive controls. An uncluttered layout, easy-to-use playback controls, and simple text input options can make the reading experience seamless. A clean and straightforward interface is essential for users looking to listen to text without unnecessary complications.

3. Budget

There are both free and paid simple TTS readers available on the market. Free readers may offer basic features, while paid options often include additional functionalities, higher-quality voices, and more customization possibilities. Deciding on the best option depends on your needs and how frequently you plan to use the reader. Assessing the features you require against your allocated budget is vital to making an informed choice.

4. Customer Support

Access to reliable customer support can be a game-changer when using a TTS reader. For those not particularly tech-savvy, this is especially crucial. Having customer support available to address technical issues or queries can be invaluable if you use the reader regularly. Before committing to a TTS reader, check what support options are available and how responsive the customer service team is.

5. Compatibility

Ensure the TTS reader is compatible with your operating system (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) and any specific software you intend to use alongside it (web browsers, document readers). Compatibility issues can disrupt your reading experience, so verifying compatibility with your system and software is vital before selecting a TTS reader.

6. Text Input Options

A simple TTS reader should offer a variety of text input options. Whether it's pasting text, uploading files, or integrating with specific applications for seamless reading, having different avenues to input text can enhance the usability of the reader. Before settling on a TTS reader, ensure it offers a text input method that suits your preferences and requirements.

7. Customization

Even basic TTS readers may offer some customization features. Checking for options to adjust reading speed, pitch, and voice selection can enhance your listening experience. While simple readers might have limited customization capabilities, minor adjustments can significantly affect how you interact with the text.

8. Output Options

While the primary function of a simple TTS reader is to convert text to audio, some readers offer additional features like text highlighting during reading or the ability to save text with synchronized audio for future reference. These output features can be advantageous for specific use cases, so consider what additional capabilities you require beyond basic audio output.

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